With the ever-increasing population and consumerism, waste is mounting at exponential rates. The huge quantity of waste that is generated and then dumped, leads to both environmental and health hazards.

Current garbage generation in India is 0.2 to 0.6 kilograms of waste per head per day, and it is estimated that by 2025 this will probably rise to 1.42kg/ capita/day, amounting to 2.3 billion tonnes per year. This waste is collected from one part of the city and then disposed off to some different part, with little or no recycling.

With the huge amount of waste and the limited land availability, we need to develop sustainable waste management strategies. Garbage disposal in India has reached monumental proportions. Though, reuse and recycling are not new to Indians, such practices at the household level have reduced significantly with lifestyle changes and packaging designed for convenience and boosting sales which has led to this problem.

Though, waste is a major issue, at the same it also represents a great opportunity, as properly managed waste not only reduces health and environment hazards it also can create income through various recycling options

We, at Hari Dharti Eco Solutions, believe that each of us can contribute to reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfills by offering decentralized waste management solutions for composting wet waste at source.

Hari Dharti Eco Solutions aims to help people effectively manage their waste. Our endeavor is to offer effective and viable solutions to wet and dry waste management and spreading education on the three R’s of waste management – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

To start with we are currently offering solutions for converting wet waste into compost. This can be done at various levels and the solutions offered for each of these segments are tailored to the volume of wet waste produced and have one thing in common – CONVENIENCE.

Starting from home composting kits for individual families going up to fully automated composting machines, we have a composting solution for every need.

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