We are currently accepting braids / ponytails 3 inches or longer

If you’re interested in collecting hair, fur, fleece clippings to make booms for your local waterways, here’s what we suggest:



– Everyone who wants to donate needs to sign up to our free quick program – excessaccess.org

– any ponytails and braids 3 inches or longer can be mailed in to our Eco-Center

– set aside ONE designated box (salons usually reuse a box in which shampoo was delivered)

– line the box with a plastic garbage bag so hair, fur, fleece, feathers can’t slip out

– ideally donate shampoed hair, although it doesn’t have to be. Just don’t include filthy hair / fur that has stuff stuck to it.

– any length is fine

– every type of fur & fleece is fine. For hair (straight, curly, all colors, dyed, permed, straightened… all great) but only HEAD hair from humans, please! Yes dread locks are ok to send – although we find they have fungus inside when cut open – so please separate in their own bag and mark “DREADS”. They are handled separately. 🙂

– sweep in all clippings, JUST HAIR, but please NO OTHER GARBAGE (gum, metal clips, paper cups, wrappers…)

– remember volunteers (sometimes young students) have to stuff this hair into booms and don’t want to feel garbage or anything sharp

– tie the top of the bag and tape the box shut

– Collect washed, used (even with runs) nylon stocking donations in a separate bag, please.

– Collect fur and other “natural fibers” waste wool, alpaca fleece, horse hair, feathers… again, avoid collecting other garbage or contaminants in with the hair/fur/ fleece fibers… (a handful total per bag of hay and seeds are ok, but no garbage and, of course, absolutely no poo!)


YOUTUBES – by Matter of Trust
Hair soaks up oil – 3:38 music: “Via Con Me” by Paolo Conte

Hair Boom vs. Conventional Boom 1540 Used Motor Oil DEMO – music: “Canan Nan Gaidheal” by Scottish Women

Hair Boom Ideas from the Bayou
– 3:16 music: “Big Chief” By Professor Longhair

Loose hair & Loose fur OIL DEMO – 0:58 music: “My Other Love” by Pretty Lights

Hair boom in OIL DEMO – 4:13 music: “Arabika” by V. Didulya

Hair boom with mesh OIL DEMO – 1:05 music: “Standing on the World” by Bender (Larry Laven Remix)

How to make a hair boom DEMO– 3:25 music: “Slanty Boogie” by Morgan Hevrin

How to Set up a Boom B Q – 4:35 by Vincent Koistinen

How to apply outer mesh to hair boom DEMO – 2:00 music: “Slanty Boogie”
We used 101407 Orange Mesh – Rolls of 150 ft. @ $49.00 each www.delstarinc.com (800) 531-5112

YouTube Ft. Myers, FL Boom B Q – by Ingrid Setzer & Vincent Koistinen


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