Composting toilets. Now here’s an idea that may have once caused even the most Berekely of us to turn up our noses. Yet some companies, such as Clivus Multrum, have accepted that daunting challenge of breaking down human waste, and have introduced products, methods, and educational presentations that make decomposing toilet waste look downright doable! If you’re on the path to a zero waste lifestyle, but have been nervous about using composting toilets in your home or business, you’ll be happy to hear that the decomposition of human waste isn’t nearly as scary (or smelly!) as it sounds. In fact,  Clivus Multrum composting toilet chambers simply create an aerobic environment, allowing “water to be saved from use as a carriage medium, and the fertilizer content in excreta is made available.” This type of oxygenated setting is typical of “normal” composting, like the kind that takes place in your garden soil! This is important because the controlled aerobic toilet chamber prevents the production of methane and offensive odors associate with septic systems. So don’t be skeptical! Plus, many composting toilets have a “continuously operating fan pulls air down the toilet fixture and out through a vent stack creating a completely odorless bathroom at all times.”

Don’t be so quick to ignore your waste on the path to Zero Waste. 😀

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