A letter from Jason Mraz:

Soil needs our help. Seriously.

My name is Jason Mraz. I am a Grammy-winning recording artist, and a lover of Soil. That’s right — rich, dark, alive, soil. I’ve even written songs about it. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we need soil for every single thing we eat. We literally couldn’t exist without soil.

But right now, the way we farm strips our soil of all the carbon and microorganisms it needs to stay healthy. That’s bad for farmers, bad for climate change, and in my drought-stricken home state of California, it lets our dwindling water go to waste.

We have a chance to change that. Soon, California is going to decide how to spend $2 billion they’ve set aside to fight climate change.

I need your help, the Governor needs your help. Sign this petition to tell California elected officials to make sustainable soil programs a part of their climate change initiatives.

I know, at first it sounds a little silly. Investing in soil? But California is the leading agricultural economy of the world. The way we treat our soil has a massive impact on our environment, our water supply, and farmers throughout the state.

We have a major opportunity RIGHT NOW to support Governor Brown in funding Healthy Soils — $160M of the $2 billion that’s been set aside could go to land management practices that would rebuild healthy soil so we can grow more nutritious food, fight the drought, and take carbon out of the air to help reverse climate change.

Our very future depends on the health of our soil. Help me and my friends at Kiss The Ground tell the State of California to make responsible investments in building back our soil.

California Governor
California State Senate
California State House

I urge you to vote to allocate $160 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to help rebuild healthy soils in California.Did you know building healthy soil helps us:

Sequester Carbon: Building back soil organic matter is a powerful way to store carbon, pulling it from the atmosphere and back into the ground.
Fight the Drought: Building soil organic matter by just 1% increases soil water holding capacity 20x
Grow Healthier Food: By building soil through regenerative practices and composting, we get higher yields AND more nutrient-dense food.

I’m sign the petition, and sharing this campaign to show my support of California’s pioneering government representatives as they make this monumental decision!

Dear California Legislature,

California’s farms and ranches have powerful climate solutions to offer by reducing on-farm greenhouse gases and sequestering carbon in soil. These solutions can be unleashed with investments in on-farm practices and compost production.

I urge your support for the allocation of $160 million from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to help rebuild healthy soil. Specifically, there are currently three important proposals to support and we encourage your vote on them:

$20 million to Governor Brown’s Healthy Soil Initiative, including funding for Carbon Farming in Assembly Member Levine’s AB 761 (https://www.cdfa.ca.gov/EnvironmentalStewardship/HealthySoils.html)
$65 million to Senator Wolk’s Bill SB 367 (Agriculture Climate Benefits Act) for regenerative agriculture, including $25 million for on-farm projects that build soil and $40 million to permanent farmland easements and practices that reduce and sequester carbon. (https://calclimateag.org/sb-367/
$75 million to fund CalRecycle’s composting and recycling efforts, helping California build the 100 new composting facilities that will be necessary to recover our organic waste, as was proposed in the Assembly’s budget recommendations.
Thank You!