“Hair finally starts arriving after clogging up the postal system. Amanda Bacon’s first Boom B Q in Alabama.” Photo: Matter of Trust This story needs your help, please. Yesterday, we reported that the Deepwater Horizon Response team isn’t using those hair mats or booms that volunteers have been making to soak up the oil. The charity that has been collecting donations for the one of oil disaster’s very few good-mood storiesMatter of Trust, says on its website that it’s got “many temporarily donated warehouses of various sizes strategically placed along the Gulf Coast.” We want to fill this story in. We’ve called and e-mailed Matter of Trust’s leader, Lisa Gauthier, for help. Gauthier hasn’t gotten back to us yet – as the group’s website says, their “phones are blowing out” from a flood of calls. So this is where you come in. If you’ve been to any of the donation points or the warehouses, please let us know in the comments. If you’ve held a boom-making party at your house, please let us know. And if you’ve worked to place any of these hair booms along the Gulf Coast, again, please let us know. Hit the comments. And for pete’s sake, if you’ve got pictures or video, please send them.